Another Submission

I just sent off an article query, and my heart is pounding!  It’s quite an adrenalin rush for nothing more than clicking “Send” on an email!  Last week, all my submissions were fiction or poetry that I had already written.  Now, it’s time to write some new stuff!  Wish me luck!


Intimidated Determination

I am at the library right now.  I’ve been browsing the magazines looking for ideas.  It is a little depressing!  Most of the magazines here are glossy and nation- or continent-wide  I want to start with smaller regional magazines, which might be more willing to give me a chance.

I have one article idea that I’ve written a query for.  I’ll polish it and send it off over the next few days.  Other than that, I’m almost out of ideas.  I was hoping to be inspired or at least intrigued by the magazines here.  Instead I feel like I don’t know anything about anything.

Then there’s editing.  Over the past week, as I’ve been browsing more writers’ blogs and websites, I was amazed to see how many writers also offer editing services.  That is intimidating!  Is there room for me in the industry?

Sorry.  I do usually try to stay positive, and my dismay is a bit exaggerated.  Oh, how I love hyperbole!  But I still can’t help but be worried and want to bury myself in fiction.

Instead of worrying, I need to get to work!  I’ve only been at this seriously for a week, I can’t expect it to drop right into my lap.  Especially when my priority has to be my family.