About Joanna Clark Dawyd

When I was eight years old, I decided that I wanted to write books. I loved reading,
and always wanted more whenever I finished one of my favourite books. So I
decided to write what I wanted to read. Through the years, I came up with more
novel ideas than I could ever write. I would just get into a new idea when a
better one would come along. I loved the excitement of a new story.

As I grew up, my writing improved, but I still never finished anything. In 2003, I
made a concentrated effort to stick to one story and got 11,000 words into a
novel for young teens. Everything was going wonderfully as I strove to meet my
goal of writing 1000 words per day. Until I realized that my story had no plot.
My characters were stuck—literally travelling on a road with no end. I put the
story on hold until I could figure out where it was going.

But as more and more time passed, I let fear creep in. Suddenly I discovered that I
was afraid to write. Afraid I couldn’t write, that I wasn’t good enough. For
six years, I hardly wrote anything. I would open my 11,000-word file, change a
few words around, but never move on. It came to a point where I rarely ever
thought about writing. Whenever anyone would ask what I was currently writing,
I would be ashamed to answer honestly, “Nothing.”

But after my second child was born, I reassessed how I wanted to spend my life. I
had been doing a little work as a freelance editor, which is where I redirected
my passion for the written word, but I decided that I wanted to try writing

Since then, I’ve been slowly—very slowly—dipping my toes into the writing pond again.
I don’t have a novel written yet, but I have one completely plotted from start
to finish, and my first article will be published early next year.


8 thoughts on “About Joanna Clark Dawyd

  1. That is one lively piece of truthful writing, Joanna. Good for you. You do have lots of ideas and you have lots to write about. I also appreciate the way you are setting your priorities. It took me a long time to discover how much I could learn from Mary and Martha.

  2. This is a great blog, Joanna, and you have lots of replies so that’s a good sign you’re making people think and feel comfortable about responding. Regarding the future of books, I agree with the other comments: I also love books much better than the cold, electronic type, and they will last forever with never a need for a technical device to read them. Good luck with your submissions, present and future!

  3. Joanna, Found your site via Bonnie Way and so I’ve popped over to say hello. Enjoyed the visit. And I’m glad to hear that you are returning to your writing.

    I love your header pic with the quill pen. Perfect!

    Wishing you glimpses of heaven in unexpected places…..and lots of word opportunities.

    @ It’s A Beautiful Life

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