Stuck in a Short Story

“Alice Gardiner sat by herself in a chair against the wall, hands lying idle in her lap. She had been beating herself at checkers, but the game lay half-finished on the table next to her as she harboured blue thoughts.”

These are the first two sentences of what I’m working on…I’ve been working on it for a good nine months now!  I know where it the story is going.  I’ve even written the last few sentences, and about 1500 words in between!  But how to get to the end is what is eluding me.  I’m finding it hard to write about a blossoming mental and emotional connection between an 86-year-old and a 92-year-old.  But for the next round of the game, I will commit to 20 minutes of fiction writing each morning, even if I have to get up earlier (It’s so much easier to just stay in bed until the kids wake me up!).  First on the list is this story.  Poor Alice has been stuck for too long!


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