Women of Faith Conference Review: Laughter and Tears

Bonnie received free tickets for the Women of Faith conference in exchange for writing a review on her blog. In this case, they get a two for one deal.

Friday morning I arrived at the arena early, shortly after the doors opened.  I had no idea how long it would take me to walk down from Capitol Hill in my stylish high-heeled-but-comfy boots, so I left early.  The first two sessions were general admission, so I snagged a great seat, and some sweet and chatty neighbours.

Seattle Women of Faith ConferencePatsy Clairmont and Andy Andrews each spoke three times on Friday.  The first thing Patsy–a stylish and funny dynamite of a woman–did was assign homework.  Step 1: First thing in the morning, say YES to God’s plan for the day.  Step 2: Say THANK YOU for the day and what He’s done.  Step 3: Say NO!  To people, obligations, and other things that take away from what you should be doing or want to be doing.  I’ve been trying to do that over the past few months already, but it seems when one has kids and attends a church, obligations keep piling up!  I need to get better at saying NO.  Later, Andy Andrews backed that up, saying “God wants you to live your life on purpose.”

Sandi Patty, Brenda Warner, Lisa Welchel, Marilyn Meberg, Patsy Clairmont, Mandisa, Kathleen EdwardsBonnie joined me for the Friday evening session, which introduced all the speakers, then Patsy and Andy spoke for the third time each.  The last hour was an energetic concert by Mandisa.  To sum up Friday: Laughter

Women of Faith ConferenceSaturday’s sessions had an hour earlier start.  We arrived just a little late. I particularly enjoyed Lisa Welchel’s message about Friendship for Grownups.  I’d like to read her book.  All the speakers’ different messages seemed to weave through each other’s.  Selah sang beautifully and shared some of their life stories too.  One word to sum up Saturday: Tears.  I didn’t actually cry, but each speaker had me near tears at some point.

Women of Faith Conference SeattleOverall, the conference was organized and well planned.  Well, except for lunch lineups on Friday.  But they sorted that out by Saturday’s lunch.  I would go to a Women of Faith event again. I was uplifted and encouraged as a Christian, a woman, and a friend.  It was a great experience!

The Women of Faith Worship Team. These women wore amazing outfits...and awe-inspiring shoes!

One thought on “Women of Faith Conference Review: Laughter and Tears

  1. After watching all the hosts and presenters at the conference, I think I really need to get a sparkly shirt and a pair of outrageously high, spiky heels (also sparkly, preferably). I totally concur about “laughter” and “tears.” 🙂

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