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You know how things on the internet always look better than they are in real life?  You book a nice-looking hotel and when you get there you realise that the housekeeping isn’t quite up to your standards, or the furniture and bedding is cheap.  Well, the 11th Avenue Inn in Seattle, WA is not like that at all!  In fact, I’d even say this beautiful old inn is better in person.
Seattle, Washington
The Inn was built in 1906, so expect creaky floors and drafty windows.  I love old houses, so those issues only added to the charm for me.  The Inn’s owner lives next door, so if we’d had any problems, I’m sure they would have been dealt with promptly.

Breakfast is served between 7:30 and 9:30 in a beautiful dining room furnished with antiques like the rest of the house.  I think the cooks, Christine and Tominda, made the best breakfasts I’ve ever had.

SeattleBonnie and I stayed in the Ruby Room on the second floor.  This room has a private bathroom right across the hall.  I felt incredibly safe staying there, even the first night when I was alone.  And this is the first hotel I’ve ever been to that felt clean enough to walk around barefoot.  I could tell the Inn’s owner and staff take pride in their work.

SeattleIn order to write a balanced review, I’m trying to think of anything I didn’t like about this place (other than the off-centre bed…I resisted the urge to move it!), and I honestly can’t think of anything.  Except maybe the fact that they don’t allow kids under twelve!  Kevin and I will have to come back on our own one day.

Seattle, WAThe location of the bed and breakfast was perfect: an easy walk to Seattle Centre, where our conference was, and downtown to Pike Place Market.  The immediate area, Capitol Hill, boasts many restaurants and shops.  If you like seafood, you need to visit Coastal Kitchen on 15th Ave.  Bonnie and I both raved about our meal there.  The Inn provides a convenient list of all the restaurants in the area.


Funny story about that pretty orchid in the living room.  For the first two days, every time I walked up the outside steps and glanced in the front windows, I would have sworn there was a balding white-haired man sitting on the couch.  But when I got in the house…no one was there!  Half my mind was starting to fear the resident ghost until I took the time to stop outside and peer in the window.  I discovered that my ghost was simply an orchid.  As Andy Andrews said at the conference, “Fear is a misplaced use of creative imagination.”

Seattle, WABonnie and I had a wonderful time at the 11th Avenue Inn Bed & Breakfast, and wouldn’t hesitate to stay there again.  I heartily recommend it.



One thought on “11th Avenue Inn Bed & Breakfast in Seattle

  1. You forgot to mention the chocolates everywhere! Any place that has bowls of chocolates (or nuts) in every room gets my vote. 🙂 Oh, and the free long-distance phone calls… it felt like that place was totally about customer service, whereas so many hotels charge you more (for a standard room) and then start charging you extra if you need to use the phone or want to have a coffee. I’d totally go back to the 11th Ave Inn. 🙂

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