Seattle, Day 4: The Tourists

On our final day in Seattle–half-day for Bonnie–we let ourselves sleep in.  The conference was over, so we stayed in bed until just 45 minutes before the end of breakfast service.  We couldn’t miss even one delicious meal cooked by the Inn.

11th Avenue Inn B&B

Once we finished our breakfast burritos and coffee, we headed out.  Walking, of course, and talking non-stop.  Our plan was to visit the famous Pikes Place Market.  First on our list of things to see was the original Starbucks.  Bonnie and I both love lattes and other fancy coffee.  The day before we had sneaked our coffee into the conference arena where no outside food is allowed.  But we figured if we were going to pay $4.00 for coffee, it had better be good!


The service at the original Starbucks was amazing!  In spite of the queue that went out the door, the baristas all took the time to chat and be friendly while still moving the line through quickly.

Pike Place Market was great.  Exactly as I expected it to be.  If I lived in Seattle, I’d buy a gorgeous $5 bouquet of flowers every week!  The fish, fruits, and veggies all looked fresh and tasty.  I debated buying a leather-bound journal, but decided I need to use up all the journals and notebooks I already have first.  I really really wanted to buy myself a crochet wool hat, but by that time, I didn’t have enough money left.


We bought some gifts and books (mine were The Moonstone, and Tom Sawyer), then we headed further south and east to check out the public library.  We had heard it had some interesting architecture and views.

We also stopped in a store called Watson Kennedy.  It was a sweet gift shop that mixed new and vintage items.  My kind of store!  I wanted to get some of the jewellery made from vintage pieces (like keys and pocket watches), but they were of course way out of my price range.

Then we looked at the clock and realised that Bonnie needed to be at the airport!  So we rushed to a bus stop and fished out enough change for her to make it there.  She arrived just in time!

Meanwhile, I continued to wander downtown.  There was an antiques market I wanted to find.  It is located behind Pike Place Market, near the aquarium.  I walked down a ramp and through a sketchy alley past the infamous gum wall (EW!  I tried not to look.  It was gross.)  Eventually I found the place.  It wasn’t as great as I was hoping, having mostly furniture that I couldn’t take home (but for decent prices!).  I bought a couple of skeleton keys.


After that, I felt like I was ready to head home.  I walked back (up hill!) to the B&B to sit and relax and figure out my route to the airport.  It was actually quite easy to find my way there.  Bus 43 to Westlake Station, then take the train to the Sea-Tac airport.  The transit station was the oddest thing!  It was underneath a downtown mall, but both busses and trains passed through it.

I arrived at the airport two hours early.  I didn’t want to risk messing up the transportation and being late.  By that time, I really wanted to get home.  But waiting in the airport is boring!  Even with the brief excitement of having security search my suitcase because I had a mini screwdriver on my key chain.  For supper, the options were Great American Bagel Bakery, or Burger King.  I was not hungry.  I wasn’t hungry at all during the whole trip.  But I knew I should have something because I could feel a headache coming on.  I went with a simple bagel with cream cheese and was not impressed.  I think they used four ounces of cream cheese on my bagel.  Where is good old Tim Horton’s when you need it?

Finally–finally!–my plane boarded.  It was a little Dash 8 plane like the one I was on between Edmonton and Calgary on Thursday…it was so small it had propellers on the wings.  And so loud.  But at least I didn’t have a migraine this time.  The flight attendant was giving out drinks, and had just handed me my water when turbulence started.  I couldn’t set down my cup or it would have spilled everywhere.  It reminded me of practicing for the water-glass class on horseback when I was 12.  I was good at that.

Vancouver’s airport was confusing like Calgary’s.  But at least Calgary’s had signs!  After passing through customs, I followed the signs for connecting flights…to doors that were closed, locked, and barricaded.  So I had to exit the secure area, make my way around to information and ask there.  And then pass through security again, where the screwdriver didn’t cause any problems.  Once I got to my gate, I looked for a bathroom.  No signs.  So I went wandering and eventually found one.

I was so relieved to finally arrive in Edmonton!  One of my wonderful friends, Heidi, was waiting to drive me home at 1am.  I was just planning to take a taxi, but she insisted, since she worked ’til midnight anyway.

Finally home, I dug out my keys and sneaked into the house.  I had to steal into the kids’ rooms to give them each a kiss.  Then, it was quite a relief to snuggle into my own bed with my own husband.

The End

[PS: stay tuned for posts on the B&B and the Women of Faith Conference]


2 thoughts on “Seattle, Day 4: The Tourists

  1. Thanks for sharing your memories of the trip – I’d forgotten some of the things you mentioned (like sneaking our Starbucks into the Arena!). I was so happy to get home too, for big hugs and kisses from my family. Next year??? 🙂

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