Seattle, Day 3: The Shining Emerald City

This morning we had an earlier start.  We had french toast and sausage for breakfast.  Christine is an amazing cook.  Thanks to my Game girls for letting me take these few days off to enjoy it!  And Starbucks.

Walking to the conference went faster with tall Bonnie setting the pace.  I wore canvas flats instead of heeled boots, so it was more comfortable too.  We’ve been talking almost non-stop all day.

We were in the conference from 9am-5pm today, but we spent our lunch break outside to enjoy the fleeting bursts of warm sunshine.  There was a seagull walking around on the pavement looking at us.  She would pad one way on webbed feet, stop and stare, then pad the other way, sneaking closer.  We could just see she thought she was being stealthy.  We shooed her away heartlessly.

Once the conference ended [which I will be writing about soon, once I process everything], we decided to head toward the waterfront and Olympic Sculpture Park.

(Sculpture: Love & Loss, click picture for source)

I particularly loved the ampersand in this sculpture, although we didn’t really get it when we were there.

Walking from the waterfront to the B&B was a lot of uphill trudging!  But we marched and talked, and didn’t really notice the difficulty of the climb.  Of course we stopped at a used bookstore to browse for a while and catch our breath.

For dinner tonight, we planned to check out a place on our restaurant list for Capitol Hill called Hopvine. In our trek down the street, we encountered several groups of people dressed up for Halloween.  One group (including a guy dressed as a bloody female nurse, and another dressed as a patient) asked “Hey, would you mind kissing her? We need a picture of two girls making out!”  Sorry, but no. No. We politely declined.

We walked in the door at Hopvine and discovered it was just a dingy little karaoke bar.  So we went back down the street to Coastal Kitchen.  Oh my, if you like seafood and find yourself in Seattle, you must eat at Coastal Kitchen!  It was so good.  I had traditional fish and chips, which was light and tasty and not greasy at all.  Bonnie had a coconut-encrusted fish with mashed yams and corn on the cob, which she raved about as well.

Dodging halloweeners again (Beetlegeuse this time), we walked back to our Seattle home base and decided chocolate and blogging would be the perfect end to our day.


3 thoughts on “Seattle, Day 3: The Shining Emerald City

  1. Coastal Kitchen sounds mouth-watering. I’m reading this at 8:30AM on a Sunday and wishing I could pick from both yours and Bonnie’s plates. BTW, what is this conference you’re attending?

  2. OH wow Bonnie’s meal sounds like heaven on a plate. Those are some of my favorite things. I’m sure your meal was incredible too! Dustin and I have to get to Seattle one of these days. Reading your posts is inspiring me!

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