Seattle, Day 2: Walk, walk, rain, walk, bus

[This post was half-written yesterday, October 28th.  I was too tired to finish.  The post for today is coming.  I hope my play-by-play isn’t boring anyone, but I don’t want to forget anything.  I hope to write something more interesting about this trip so i need all the details.]

I had a delightful sleep last night.  Breakfast this morning, served by Christine was delicious, and it was quite nice to have conversation at breakfast rather than sitting by myself.  Contrary to my expectation, I haven’t been lonely at all here.  I’ve had someone to talk to almost every time I needed it.

I decided to walk the 1.5 or so miles to the Key Arena where the Women of Faith conference is being held.  It was a long walk.  Downhill almost the whole way.  It’s amazing how a little thing like daylight can make one feel completely safe…despite the half-dozen or so people I saw sleeping on the sidewalks at 8:30 am.

I arrived early, and so I got to pick a really great seat (after security checked my bag and almost didn’t let me bring my camera in!  I told them, I just walked 45 minutes, and had nowhere to put my camera.  Eventually they decided it was ok, since it wasn’t a video camera).  I was a little worried about feeling lost and left out for the morning and afternoon sessions, and especially lunch.  I didn’t want a repeat of highschool, when I sat alone eating my lunch with my nose in a book while all the cooler people had fun around me.

But I didn’t need to worry.  Very soon after I sat down, God brought me two new friends!  Kim and Ashley.  It was so nice to talk to them and get to know someone.  Ashley, a blonde teacher (hmm, that sounds familiar…), is Kim’s daughter.  They invited me to have lunch with them.

At the long afternoon break from the conference, I needed to walk from the Key Arena to the Tin Cup Espresso & Coffee House to meet my friend and fellow FellowScript editor Bonnie.  According to google, it would be almost a straight shot: Straight out the east arena doors and down the road until I hat Broad street, turn NE and keep walking ’til I find the place.  Yes, it would be easy!  However, google didn’t mention that Broad street is underground!  Between that and the construction in the area, I lost all confidence in my navigational skills.  Oh, and did I mention it was pouring rain?  I was soaking wet from my thighs to my boots, and grateful for my umbrella.

I stopped in a store to ask directions and make my way to where I needed to be.  I was early, so I kept walking and watched a few float planes land on Lake Union.  Back at the coffee shop, which was no longer called Tin Cup (thanks Google!), Bonnie had just arrived.

Although we had only met for 5 minutes before, two years ago, and only communicated via email and one phone call for the past 10 months, we immediately began chatting like long-lost sisters.  I always knew we’d like each other!

Next we had supper of calamari and pizza at Buca de Bepo, followed by a quick dash back to the arena a few minutes late.  Some guy asked us for money for a sandwich.  We said no and kept walking.  Then he said, “Come on, just a few beers–I mean dollars…”

The conference ended at 10:00.  It was dark.  We walked very fast, making our way to a safe-looking bus stop.  Finally, we made it home, and after a few minutes on the computer, collapsed into bed.


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