Seattle, Day 1: The Angel of Seattle

I did it! After 28 years of wishing to do something adventurous on my own, I finally have! I am currently in Seattle by myself. It took a good half-day to get here, most of which was spent waiting around in airports.

I am staying at a beautiful bed and breakfast which I will post a review of once I’m home. I don’t need any internet stalkers exactly knowing where I am at the moment. Who am I kidding…a stalker would have to be pretty desperate to target me and my little blog.

I started out my trip with a killer migraine that just wouldn’t go away. My lovely lovely friends babysat my kids and drove me to the airport. I have wonderful friends.

As I waited to board my first flight, a young-looking man in a suit attempted to start a conversation with me. I replied as usual with the barest of polite answers, and he gave up. After which, I gave myself a talking to. I have determined to be more outgoing and open to new things on this trip. Not that I particularly want to strike up conversations with cross-eyed businessmen (I couldn’t really tell if it was just my imagination or if he really was), but I still need to work on being friendlier in general.

That first flight was torture. I’ve never been in such a small plane for a commercial flight (I’ve flown in a Cessna before…quite a thrilling experience). It had propellers on the wings. And it was oh so loud! And my head hurt. But other than that, everything else on the flight was fine.

[Oh my, I just heard someone yell the F word somewhere in the distance outside]

Once I arrived in Calgary, and walked a mile through patchy concrete hallways, out past security, around to US Customs, through customs and security again, I bought a chai latte (my current favourite indulgence…until they bring back the eggnog chai latte) and settled down in the waiting area of gate 27.  After a few minutes, actor Mandy Patinkin sat down.  Ok, so maybe it wasn’t him.  But it looked enough like him to induce a repeat of “Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You kill my father. Prepare to die!” to run through my brain for the entire time he sat there.

I made it to my seat for the next flight (front row, window seat), which was next to a guy who I knew was traveling with a woman.  I was just about to offer to switch seats with her, when her seatmate arrived on the plane and offered to switch.  So my new neighbour was Esther.  She asked if I live in Seattle and we began chatting.  For quite a while as our takeoff was delayed.  Before the plane even started moving we had gotten to know each other a bit and she offered to drive me to my b&b on her way home.

Now, I am normally very very cautious about strangers.  I don’t look at strangers.  I don’t talk to strangers.  I teach my kids about strangers.  But I agreed to go with Esther.  I am quite sure Kevin would NOT have approved!  So I didn’t tell him.  In fact, unless he reads this, he still doesn’t know!  But I arrived safely, and got to know a perfectly lovely new acquaintance.  Getting here from the airport is the part of the trip that most worried me, so Esther was an angel for solving that problem for me.  Providential, I’d say.

Once she drove me home and I got checked in, I took the innkeeper’s recommendation to walk a few blocks to find something to eat.  I browsed a lovely independent bookstore, but their cafe was closed.  So I ended up sitting at the bar at Oddfellows.  That’s another thing I’ve never done.  I ordered iced tea, completely forgetting that what Canadians call iced tea is actually sweet tea to Americans.  Good thing I love American iced tea too!  It could have been a little stronger though.  I also had roasted carrot soup, which was pretty good.

So now I have a question.  When sitting at the bar, do I tip?  I could see that no one else did, and when I asked for my change, which would have accounted for the tip, he didn’t keep the tip.  And I didn’t have the right change that I need for the bus tomorrow.

So I went back to the bookstore and bought a book.


2 thoughts on “Seattle, Day 1: The Angel of Seattle

  1. Sounds like an awesome day. 🙂 I am the same about talking to strangers… so I admire you for taking Esther up on the offer of a ride! (This is where you also pull out business cards so you can keep in touch with her…)

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