I visited my local library’s home page and found a poll asking about reading ebooks. I voted, and found the results to be very interesting.

I would have expected the various e-reading options to be a collectively higher percentage.


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  1. I love my Nook but kind of like how, when reading a print book, I can’t get distracted by everything else that e-reader thing-y does: internet, crosswords, card games, books and more books…
    As per your last thought re: e-books readers overall having a higher percentage, chances are that will increase in time. It’s hard for folks to let go of what they’ve known for a very long time.

  2. I didn’t find this very surprising. I’ve been watching the news about ebooks, but still prefer my print books. I don’t have an eReader and don’t really want one. I’ve tried to read three eBooks and haven’t finished any of them yet – I just can’t read at the computer. If I’m at the computer, I have other things to do.

  3. This is an interesting poll! I think it could be hugely beneficial (especially for students, etc), and could sometimes be convenient to access when there are no books available but I am glad to know that printed books are still the favorite. I see them as something that will never die. I remember getting books as a kid that were signed by the person who gave them to me, that I will always have. That makes them so much more special than getting a story on your nook for example. Also, there is nothing like a bookshelf full of books (it’s almost like an art piece or a decoration), or the smell of a book when you open it. Additionally, my father works at a printing company and production has really slowed lately, so I may also be a little biased =).

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