Antique Book: The Book of Knowledge, Vol III

book of knowledge, vol iii

My friend recently spent 3 weeks in England, where her family is from.  One day last week, after she got back, she left me this book on my front porch while I was out.  She said she saw it and thought I would love it.  I do!  It’s a gorgeous little book, with each page illustrated with at least a border, many pages have pictures.  Some pictures are even in colour!  This edition was published in 1910 by The Grolier Society, twenty years after the first edition was published.

the book of knowledge, vol iiiInside the book was a charming English postcard, complete with a recipe for Dorset Apple Cake.  I intend to make it one day soon.  The postcard is a much more pleasant surprise than the lock of hair I found in another old book of mine!

the book of knowledge, vol iiiThe little bundle of lavender is my small token that I gave to my friend in thanks for the book, and also for the irises and daylilies that she gave me.  I’m very blessed to have such a sweet friend.


2 thoughts on “Antique Book: The Book of Knowledge, Vol III

  1. Wow, that is sweet! What a neat surprise. I love old books. My husband has quite a collection that we keep in a locked cabinet so the girls don’t get into them. 🙂 My grandma found me an almost complete set of Dickens’ books (even his nonfiction) which are old, but have no publishing date in them. Someday I’ll try to figure out when they were published… somehow…

  2. I remember seeing these books somewhere and appreciating their beauty as you do. My mother bought a newer version for the education of her children and i used to love to read them. The information and diagrams were fascinating. In spite of Internet, I think there is still room in a house for a beautiful set of encyclopedia. How-to aricles and history never get old.

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