The first time I met a Real Live Author.

When I was a kid, some of my favourite books were the Accidental Detectives series, by Sigmund Brouwer.  I wanted to be Lisa.  When I found out that the author lived only one hour away, I was thrilled!  I always hoped I’d meet him.

Shortly after my thirteenth birthday, I found out that he was doing a young writers course in Ponoka.  Although it was only supposed to go up to age 12, somehow, two friends and I were able to attend.  I think my friend’s mom had a lot to do with that.

I learned so much that Saturday.  I’m sure I still have my notes somewhere.  Or maybe I don’t, because they always reminded me how I embarrassed myself.  One of the exercises was to solve a mystery that went something like this:

A prisoner is in jail.  The only thing in his cell is a bed, a sink, and a 2-foot-tall bucket.  There was one window, hight in the wall.  It was about four feet higher than the prisoner could reach.  One morning, after a freezing cold night, the guards discovered that he had escaped!  How did he do it?

After we had some time to work on the problem, Mr. Brouwer called on me to give an answer.  My awsomely clever idea was that maybe the prisoner was a high-jumper and just jumped up to the window.  I was so smrt.  The real answer involved ice frozen in the bucket.

After the class, my friend and I browsed the book tables and got a chance to talk to Mr. Brouwer.  He mentioned that it had taken him eight years to get his first book published.  Like a dork, I further embarrassed myself by saying, “Well, I’ve been writing since I was eight!  I only have three years left!”

I hope I have developed better social and deductive skills since then.

And that is the story of the first time I met a Real Live Author.

PS: I still love Sigmund Brouwer’s Winds of Light books that we discovered that day.  They introduced me to medieval fiction other than fairy tales.  I’m currently reading his book The Canary List.


5 thoughts on “The first time I met a Real Live Author.

  1. I remember that day! Only I thought I was the one that embarassed myself… guess it had to do with being 13.


  2. my parents were friends with my first “real live author.” she helped me to polish up a short story when i was about 11 or 12, and i got it published. (i think dropping her name helped with that, too…) she was a really sweet woman, and i got back in touch with her about a year ago. she recently died of cancer.

  3. I embarrass myself often, but we can’t count our 13-year-old-ness against us! At least you were brave enough to speak!

    Meeting a favorite author is really cool. I acted like a moron when I met mine, and that was only a few years ago. 🙂

  4. Cool story. I’ve met Sigmund at ICWF Fall Conferences and he’s such a great teacher. 🙂 I also loved reading The Accidental Detective series, though I don’t think my deductive skills are any better than yours. 🙂

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