Intimidated Determination

I am at the library right now.  I’ve been browsing the magazines looking for ideas.  It is a little depressing!  Most of the magazines here are glossy and nation- or continent-wide  I want to start with smaller regional magazines, which might be more willing to give me a chance.

I have one article idea that I’ve written a query for.  I’ll polish it and send it off over the next few days.  Other than that, I’m almost out of ideas.  I was hoping to be inspired or at least intrigued by the magazines here.  Instead I feel like I don’t know anything about anything.

Then there’s editing.  Over the past week, as I’ve been browsing more writers’ blogs and websites, I was amazed to see how many writers also offer editing services.  That is intimidating!  Is there room for me in the industry?

Sorry.  I do usually try to stay positive, and my dismay is a bit exaggerated.  Oh, how I love hyperbole!  But I still can’t help but be worried and want to bury myself in fiction.

Instead of worrying, I need to get to work!  I’ve only been at this seriously for a week, I can’t expect it to drop right into my lap.  Especially when my priority has to be my family.


One thought on “Intimidated Determination

  1. The magazine is a hard place to look for prospective markets, as they usually just stock the glossy magazines that you mentioned. For smaller ones, you may have to go online. Sometimes a Writer’s Market is handy, as they list all the periodicals from big to small, but sometimes they get overwhelming too (I have a few… haven’t used them as much as I should!).

    Starting out is hard. I’ve felt the way that you feel, but you gotta keep going. Each of us has a unique perspective… you can write articles that no one else can. Keep reading, keep writing, keep thinking, and more ideas will come to you. 🙂

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