Finding a Writing Family: InScribe Christian Writers Fellowship

Back in 2009, when I originally posted Simplicity and Priorities,  my grandmother read that post.  She sent the link to one of her quilting friends, who was a writer.  That friend was Elsie, who left me a sweet comment on that post inviting me to InScribe Christian Writers Fellowship‘s Fall Conference.  I surprised myself and went, taking my 5-week-old baby along.

I soaked in the teaching of Kathleen Gibson and Bonnie Grove, and by the time I arrived home after the last day, I decided to join Inscribe.  Over the next few months, I actually managed to plot an entire novel start to finish (which I’d never done before), and began writing again, all while doing an intense edit on a client’s book.  But then fear and complacency set in again and my writing efforts trickled back down to nothing.

So that’s how it was for a year.  I let my membership to Inscribe lapse and decided once again to focus solely on editing.  In January of this year, I got an email from Bonnie Way asking me if I would help out with editing FellowScript.  Of course I jumped at the chance!  Editing a real magazine!  Bonnie also asked me if I would write an article about editing.  I said yes, and happily renewed my InScribe membership.  It took me six months to write that article, as I battled the fear.  I told myself, “If I can write a college essay and get an A, I can write an article!”

I finished that article a couple of weeks ago.  Oh, it was exhilarating!  I wrote something!  I finished it!  I was going to be published!

Through it all, even when I wasn’t a member, Inscribe members have encouraged me, both directly, and indirectly through FellowScript articles or posts on the list serve.  I highly recommend this family of writers.

This is my contribution to InScribe’s Blog Tour.  I’ve been greatly enjoying the other posts in the tour.  Go check them out!  You could win!

Leave comments on the blog posts to be entered in our GRAND PRIZE DRAW: an
Inscribe book bag with a free annual membership and a copy of Inscribed: 30 Years of Inspiring Writing.  The more blogs you comment on, the more entries you’ll get in the draw—e.g., if you comment on 10 blogs, you’ll get 10 entries in the draw (but one comment per blog, please).  Contest is open only to non-Inscribe-members (members are free to comment on blogs but will not be entered in the draw).


8 thoughts on “Finding a Writing Family: InScribe Christian Writers Fellowship

  1. I still remember “meeting” you at that Fall Conference in Bonnie Grove’s workshop! Can’t remember if I actually had a chance to say hi or not, but I really wanted to talk to another mom writer. So glad that you decided to join and I’m so thankful for your help on FellowScript now. You are a great writer – keep at it! 🙂

    1. Thanks Bonnie. Your encouragement is what is spurring me on. I think we did talk a little at the conference, by the book table. But you had your little one to chase, and I had mine to feed. That’s the trouble with networking as a mom 😉

  2. I am so thankful for our writing family, Joanna. It’s the best! Loved learning how you became part of it.

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