Jumping into the land of fiction submissions

I have just emailed a submission to a fiction magazine.  Ahhh!  This is much more nerve-wracking than when I submitted my non-fiction article.  In that case, I knew I probably wouldn’t get a rejection.

In this case, I probably will get a rejection.  This story has been rejected before.  But I haven’t given up on my poor little story yet!  And besides, I’m already working on another one that may have a better chance.

In the meantime, I need to find a home for my World War One poem that has been hiding in my files for ten years. It’s the only poem I’ve written that possibly has a chance.  I don’t write poetry any more, for the very good reason that I’m no good at it.

I must say, it feels quite strange to post without pictures.

What is your best or worst rejection story?



2 thoughts on “Jumping into the land of fiction submissions

  1. My first-ever rejection was from Reader’s Digest… but I should’ve known, submitting to that magazine as a very amateur writer, that I’d get a rejection. 🙂 Lately, I’ve been selling more fiction than nonfiction and, strangely, the fiction pays WAY better than the nonfiction. I haven’t really tried to sell poetry, so good luck with that!

  2. I always thought there was no market for short fiction. The only markets I could find were “literary” magazines, and I had no clue what that meant. Glimmer Train rejected my story about 8 years ago.

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