The future of books?

The book is not dead, its just shape-shifting | Books | The Observer.

What do you think will be the future of books?  I love holding a paper book in my hands to read.  But I can’t deny the fact that printed books will likely eventually become the exception in publishing.


4 thoughts on “The future of books?

  1. I’m a lover of print books. Some of that is nostalgic – I just love holding a book, flipping its pages, smelling it, feeling it. Some of that is practical – it’s so much easier to take a print book where I want it than to drag my computer around. I can read email and blogs and short stuff at the computer, but if it’s longer, I need it to be portable. (Which probably means that someday I’ll get an ereader, but I’m holding out… 🙂 One of the publishers that I review for recently switched to ebooks only for their international authors, so I’ll have to decide whether to switch with them or stop reviewing for them.

  2. I love books too. I’ve been purging our house and the books are the most difficult. I even have a few that are also included in my computer Logos program… and I don’t want to part with the hardcover copies! The shape-shifting quote is a reality, but will it take over? Time will tell – and the bookstores still have books!

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